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Over the past ten years of producing legacy films and speaking at various conferences, Arielle has connected with many talented people in diverse genres of work. Often, she learns that they share similar professional and personal goals - to help families become closer, to cultivate stronger communication at home and at the workplace, or to give others the opportunity for a creative outlet. To give these professionals the chance to share and discuss their research, advice, and stories, Arielle invites them to join her on a live teleconference call, free and open to the general public. Each teleconference is an informal, friendly conversation between Arielle and the special guest, during which they discuss the topic at hand and answer questions from the other participants. Please join our mailing list if you'd like to receive invitations to these teleconferences and more information!


Becoming a Visionary for the Transitions in your Business and Life
May 26, 2016

Sheryl Brake is the founder and CEO of Encompass Transition Solutions, LLC, a company that helps business owners navigate changes in their businesses so they feel more secure about the future. In this candid discussion, she describes her own experience with changing her career and explains the three stages we all must encounter as we deal with any change. The most daunting part of change, both personal and professional, is taking that first step, but Sheryl outlines ways to stay focused on our goals and see change as a promising beginning to a confident future.

Purposeful Play with FBC
March 16, 2016

Arielle Nobile welcomes Meridith Grundei and Sam Elmore, both coaches and performing artists, to this discussion about the power of purposeful play. Together, they have created Family Business Collaborative to help family business leaders practice collaboration, empathy, and embodiment through specific tools that promote presence and full-body activity. In this conversation, they all share their own experiences with using purposeful play in their lives and businesses and discuss the ways in which 'play' can cultivate a sense of presence and empathy in our workplace, home and relationships.

The Healing Power of Storytelling
February 11, 2016

Dr. James Walsh, associate professor of political science at CU Denver and founder of the Romero Theatre Troup, believes there is something spiritual and sacred when people share their stories. He and Arielle Nobile discuss the ways in which humans can understand and relate to each other through the narrative process. By sharing their own experiences as "story gatherers", they explain how storytelling has the power to connect us, lessen our personal burdens, and keep the memories of our loved ones alive.

Metamorphosis: The Transformative Power of Story
December 8, 2015

Arielle Nobile and Matt Wesley explore the power of story and discuss how it can generate transformative change in family culture. We learn about the relationship between tribe, story and culture, what makes a story powerful, and how reshaping the narrative shifts the collective and individual sense of identity.

The Secret to Staying Present and Connected during Family Gatherings
October 16, 2015

Jamie Greenwood, writer, speaker, and lifestyle coach, is passionate about helping people, especially women, connect with themselves and find presence in their lives. Arielle and Jamie share their own personal struggles with being present sometimes and offer suggestions for how to engage with others in healthy, peaceful ways, especially during the chaos of the holiday season. While this conversation is fun and candid, beware of some colorful language!

The Power of Presence
Hosted by The Purposeful Planning Institute

July 14, 2015

Arielle and Melissa Hoyer, financial planner and wealth coach, explain how presence is more than just showing up with people. They take a fresh look at how presence can develop advisor confidence, foster creativity in collaborative relationships, and provide a transformational experience for clients and family members that leads to long-term client engagement and success. They also offer several suggestions for how to develop this feeling of presence in our everyday lives.

Family Dynamics and Family History
April 17, 2015

In this poignant and candid conversation, Dr. Ian Macnaughton divulges some of his own family history as he encourages listeners to be curious about the real stories within theirs. The more connected people feel to their families, the more successful they will be in their family businesses, and ultimately, in their own lives.

Using Photographs for Effective Storytelling
March 11, 2015

Guest speaker Geoff Martin of Geoff Martin Photography describes how businesses can use photographs to humanize a company and represent the company's culture and values to the public. Also, he shares his methods for capturing candid, honest pictures of his subjects.

The Purpose of it All
February 20, 2015

Listen in as John A Warnick discusses the impact that we can have through intentionality in both estate planning, creating trusts with heart and soul, and helping families to become closer through identifying and working towards a shared purpose.

Our Cultural Legacies
February 6, 2015

Dr. Michael O'Neal of the British Virgin Islands talked with us about how our cultural inheritance informs not only our past but our future actions.

Courageous Communication for Leaders
January 16, 2015

Guest speaker Cathy Carroll, President of Legacy Onward, discusses the heavy burden of balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the family, which are often in conflict.

Talking Taboos: Death & Money
December 10, 2014

Listen in to this month's guest speaker, Dr. Mary Gresham, who took the time to share her expertise and give some guidance as to how we should handle difficult conversations within our families.

How Your Emotional Intelligence Affects your Family History
April 7, 2014

Guest speaker Shari Baudette, founder of SpaTime Living, discusses how your EQ (emotional intelligence) affects your family relationships, your relationship to yourself, and how all of this relates to family history and what to do about it.

Got Digital Photos? Get Organized!
February 2014

Guest speaker Bonnie Hillman Shay, professional organizer of Mariposa Creative Solutions, returns to share more of her invaluable tips and tricks for how to organize, select, and store your family photographs.

How to Make Sure the People You Love Know It
January 2014

In this month's teleseminar, Kelly Burns, founder of Woohoo! For You and I shared some unique ideas for letting your loved ones know how much they mean to you. We will also discuss the cultural, emotional, and social implications of the seemingly simple act of expressing your love.

WooHoo! For You is a free website that allows you to create a page online for someone special and invite friends and family to upload photos, memories, and congratulations. The celebratory page is delivered to your loved one on their special day!

Preparing for a Legacy Project
December 11, 2013

Arielle Nobile and her client, Jennifer Peters, discuss the best ways to approach your family members you want to interview, what you need to think through before you start, potential challenges, and the long term benefits and value of a Legacy Film. Jennifer also shares stories from her family's experience in creating their Legacy Films.

Photo and Home Movie Digitization
November 13, 2013

Guest speaker Gwen Scherer, co-owner of Memories to Digital, shares useful information about photo scanning, film reel transfers, and more. Learn how to choose the best transfer facility for your precious archives.

Photo Organizing and Storage
October 27, 2013

Guest speaker Bonnie Hillman Shay, professional organizer of Mariposa Creative Solutions, shares her tips and tricks for how to organize, select, and store your family photographs. But more importantly how to get started and enjoy the process!



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