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In addition to being a private documentary film producer and director, Arielle Nobile also enjoys speaking publicly about topics that are connected to the work she does. Since 2005, she has given presentations, taught classes, and led workshops throughout the U.S. She has spoken to various clubs and private groups, including The Association of Personal Historians, who invited her to speak about how to conduct meaningful interviews at their 2014 Conference in St. Louis. Her other topics range from how to find presence in your relationships, how to cultivate effective communication in your family business, and how to create digital archives of your family's artifacts.

To inquire about Arielle's upcoming speaking engagements and workshops or to schedule Arielle to speak or do a workshop with your group, send us an email.

Beginning her career as a theater actress, and ultimately becoming a theater director and instructor, Arielle is no stranger to performance. It is no surprise that so many people find her to be an engaging, funny, and thoughtful speaker and teacher. Her presentations are always entertaining and inspiring as she shares stories that have touched her life and will surely touch yours.

Arielle also welcomes a variety of experts to discuss their work and research in her monthly free teleconferences. Each teleconference is a lively and earnest conversation about a particular theme in which both Arielle and the guest share personal stories, discuss strategies for helping clients, and answer questions from the other participants. Her past guests include professional photographers, lifestyle/motivational coaches, family business consultants, and financial and wealth advisors. Anyone is invited to join in on the call.

This fall, Arielle co-facilitated a breakout session, The Power of Presence at PPI's annual Rendezvous. This expanded into a longer-form workshop on the same theme that she co-led in Boulder with executive coach, Sam Elmore, and speaking coach, Meridith Grundei. They are looking to expand this to weekend retreats for families, advisors, and the general public. Stay tuned for more information on how this "Presence" workshop series evolves.

"The decision to attend Arielle's session, Power of Presence, was easy. Who can't benefit from being more present with clients? I expected to hear a lecture about what it means to be present, and perhaps have some time to reflect on ways we can each be more present in our work and lives. What I experienced, however, was much better! Without much discussion on how to be present (what good would that do, anyway?), we were led through a series of exercises to help us feel what it's truly like to be present. That practice and connection to actually being present has helped me tremendously in my interactions with clients. I can instantly access those feelings whenever I want to, and I'm much more mindful before entering a meeting. The session flew by and was lots of fun. I highly recommend it!"Angela Wright, CFP
"I thoroughly enjoyed the improvisational work I did with Arielle in the Power of Presence workshop. To engage spontaneously and with awareness in the workshop grounded me in my body. As Arielle facilitated, she mixed exercises designed to accomplish different state experiences and different ways of knowing and paying attention. The experience in the room is one of profound connection with self and deeper awareness of others. As I reflect on the workshop weeks later, I can see that it has helped me to be more responsive and more "playful" even in serious situations. It has increased my "range of motion" in working with others and my own responsiveness in ways that are more useful." Matt Wesley, Family Advisor and
Founder of The Wesley Group

"I loved participating in Arielle's Presence Workshop! I would recommend it without hesitation. It challenges participants to be fully present to the space they're in with the people they're with in a fun and engaging way. My interest in attending derived from wanting another perspective on how mindfulness is showing up in our personal and professional lives. Arielle's mastery on this topic did not disappoint, but rather far exceeded what I expected to receive. She approached this improvisational session with wit, humor, and depth while raising awareness for participants to experience being present rather than just talking about it. I walked away more aware of the beliefs and inner rules I carry with me while having a great time being "present" with myself and those around me. I'll be carrying the lessons learned with me for quite some time. Fun! Engaging! Insightful! Thank you, Arielle, for bringing this session to life!"
Alison H. Lewis, Coach and Consultant at Luminescence



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