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"I am so grateful and thank you from the bottom of my and our family's hearts. Years ago you had only a photograph of your departed loved ones. You have brought him home and that gift is priceless and beyond my expression of gratitude."

Martha Jacobs, Beaverdam, WI

"I would most certainly recommend LCF and more specifically, Arielle Nobile, who's responsiveness, creativity, and expertise led to the production of a truly heartwarming and beautiful family history video."

Linda Zlotoff, Bloomfield Hills, MI

"This family history gave me the gift of being able to glimpse parts of my childhood and to share them with my children and grandchildren."

Shari Bruckstein, Chapel Hill, NC

"Arielle is a pleasure to work with and her creative work is outstanding. Very responsive and professional."

Mark Balasa, CPA, CFP®
Owner, Balasa Dinverno & Foltz

"Our family hired Arielle to produce a biographical video for our grandmother's 90th birthday. She took the time to understand what we wanted upfront, shot high-quality footage, collated existing material, and worked with us through several rounds of editing.

The end result was funny (Granny can still crush a piñata), nostalgic (interviews with siblings), and even informative, which all together made a piece that does more than collect dust on everyone's bookshelf. Arielle's team does a great job."

Hans Robertson, Entrepreneur and Builder

"It is a true pleasure to have worked with Arielle! From the beginning conceptual phase of our video work to the final edited and presented end result, I was thrilled with the work that she and her company provided for me. Arielle's attention to detail coupled with her expertise and professionalism made our project exciting as well as successful. She has a way of sharing her passion for her work with you that is infectious. I am looking forward to working with her again."

Julia Buckingham, Founder + Principal at
Buckingham Interiors + Design

"Areille is a very talented, detail oriented and passionate person who really has put her heart into capturing families' memories and tradition with a lot of understanding and respect. As a professional she impresses me by the drive and professionalism with which she runs her business. As a friend, she is a truly warm and loving person. When I have lived adventures worth capturing and gathered memories worth recording, I'll hire Arielle."

Joris Prikken, Senior Manager at Deloitte

It brought our family to life and made them real for all of us, especially my kids, who never met their grandmother, or many of their relatives. It is a treasure that makes the past present for us. It is now one of our most cherished family heirlooms. You did a beautiful job on it and in a very unique way, honored our family's legacy.

Becky Snyder, Austin, TX

"Arielle has a gift for bringing out the best in her subjects. We hired her to help create a film celebrating my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary, and when she was behind the camera she was able to get stories flowing that we haven't heard in years. She did an incredible job of making everyone involved in the project feel as comfortable and self-assured as possible, and the results were breathtaking. I'm so glad that we have this piece of our family history recorded in such a professional and well-crafted form--I know that we'll be passing it down for many years.

I was also fortunate enough to spend a summer interning for Arielle when I was still in high school, and got to witness first-hand the dedication and thought that went into planning and editing each film. Her skill with digitizing, repairing, and using old photographs in her work is a particular strong point. Her deep commitment to preserving her subjects' individuality, combined with her up-to-date technical knowledge and excellent creative vision make her an asset to any project!"

Marian Firk, Program Coordinator at Prevention and Education at Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault



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Jon and Eileen Gallo