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If you are curious about what it is like to work with us, please watch this testimonial from Kim Foltz, who explains why the process of making a legacy film is "priceless".


In working with your family, we follow the same steps that go into making any documentary film: pre-production, production, post-production, premiere. We ask that your clients designate one family member to be the main point of contact for the project, and this will be the person who will make the various decisions throughout the process.



In Pre-Production we determine who will be interviewed, the terms of the budget, what film or films we are making, and the timeline. We determine, with your help, whether there are any important family events or gatherings that would be important to include in the documentary process. Your involvement in pre-production usually means having one or two in-person or phone meetings with us, letting anyone who will be interviewed know that we will be contacting them to set up interviews, and sending us the contact information for anyone we will interview. This is also the stage at which we help you hire a photo and home movie organizer who will be responsible for helping you gather, organize and label all of your family archives.



Production is when we do all the filming. For some projects this means strictly interviews; for others this can mean we attend family events, special family places or activities. Your level of participation at this stage consists only in showing up to your interview and looking your best (if you are being interviewed). We do not provide interview questions ahead of time because we believe spontaneous, conversational interviews bring about the most candid portraits. We want you and your family members to appear as natural and comfortable as possible, and this is one way we help facilitate that.




"I think there was an authentic, genuine, loving handling of myself and my family, and I appreciate that."
Linda Leahy, Lake Forest, IL




Post-Production is where much of the magic happens. This is by far the most mysterious part of the process for most of our clients who cannot really imagine how we are going to put together the many hours of interviews, home movies, filmed footage, and thousands of photos. We work closely at this stage with your professional organizer to collect the best of your family's archival collection. Music ties this all together, and this sometimes means original songs may be composed by a professional musician or a composer in your own family. We usually make multiple films for our clients, keeping in mind how they will be watched and by whom.

Once we have created drafts (rough cuts) of your movies, we will send you a private link and instructions on how to view them. This is probably the most important and most time-consuming step for you. We ask that you watch each film (which typically ranges from 10 minutes to 60 minutes) multiple times. We will meet either in person to watch your films with you so you can give us notes, or via phone or video chat. Nine times out of ten, the notes we receive are minimal to none, but we are happy to accommodate as many revisions as necessary to make you feel completely satisfied and proud of your Legacy Films.

When you've signed off on all of the final films, we will provide them to you in the formats of your choice.

"The customer service was high-touch and very personalized. The DVD was unbelievably well edited and professionally compiled. Arielle takes a great deal of time to learn about and become part of your family so she can properly tell its story. Who knows how far out into the future family members will be watching their ancestors providing information about their lives."
Mike Jacobs, Wilmette, IL


What movie making process would be complete without a premiere? This is a crucial step to bringing your family closer and experiencing the powerful collective reflections that this process provides. Your premiere may be limited to immediate family or extended family, or may include friends, employees, associates, and clients. The choice is yours. We've had clients reveal their films in their home theatre, art galleries, restaurants, hotel ballrooms, you name it. We can help you plan this important event, and now that we feel like family, we hope that you'll invite us to attend.

Your family may also choose to share your films with the extended family at a family meeting, reunion or gathering with your advisors and consultants who will benefit greatly from this unique view into the soul of your family.

"It was like a real documentary that I would watch on HBO, but it was about my family. And that was really cool!'
Dylan Peters Ferrall, Wilmette, IL



To help your family reflect, become closer, and celebrate who you are through cinematic storytelling, creating a legacy beyond your wealth.


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