Bringing your family closer through cinematic storytelling.



You are part of a successful, unique family system. Perhaps you are part of a multi-generational family business or land trust. Maybe you have inherited great wealth and with it great responsibility to honor the relatives who created the wealth for you. Maybe you are an entrepreneur who has the vision that what you create in this lifetime will continue for generations to come. In any case, your family's legacy is in your hands.

At Legacy Connections Films, we know that your legacy is far more than your assets and wealth. To us, a legacy is a dynamic, unique collection of stories, experiences and values that reflect your family's soul and character.

This legacy is what connects you as a family. Imagine if you could express this intangible legacy and capture the essence of your family's storytellers. We help you go beyond written words, photobooks, or genealogy by creating documentary films that will impact all the generations of your family, today and into the future. Tell us your stories, and we'll bring your family legacy to life.



To help your family reflect, become closer, and celebrate who you are through cinematic storytelling, creating a legacy beyond your wealth.


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"When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write the ending."
Brene Brown