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Whether you're a family wealth advisor, coach, consultant, trustee, or you run a family office or foundation, our work complements yours and makes your life easier. Our Legacy Filmmaking process dives deeply into the spirit, values and essence of the families we work with. Our films, like nothing else, will give you insights into the culture, beliefs, heritage and vision of a family. Our work is about connection, understanding and reflection.

If you have clients who are struggling with any of these issues, making a Legacy Film can be the path to alignment as a family. The process we undertake with our clients is one of self-discovery. We ask tough questions, and our films reflect a family's collective answers, giving them a unique window in the soul of their family.

In 2014, Arielle worked with the Lead Family Enterprise Advisors in Vancouver, Canada
to produce a series of videos for their webpage that speak directly to their high net-worth clients.
Watch the videos we made on their website.


As advisors, you have insight into the needs of the families you serve, which they may not always have. You also have influence in their decision-making and may see the reason for them to come together and create a Legacy Film.

While you might want to suggest this process to them, the drive to do a project like this must come from at least one passionate family member. This person must be at the center in order to move the film project forward.

In our experience, unless one influential family member is on board, the project will not have wings. The family must be committed to this process, just as they are to the efforts in managing the financial side of their wealth. Managing the human side of the wealth is just as important, if not more important, to the family's continued success.

We have found that if there is a Next Gen, or rising Gen, member who spearheads or becomes deeply involved in the project, it has an especially positive outcome. Many of our clients in the older generations, no matter how wealthy and successful they are, are also incredibly humble. If a grandchild or child shows an interest in knowing more about them as people or more about the creation stories of the family, it can be the green light these folks need to open up and share the wealth of wisdom and history they have been holding back.

And just as the process of being interviewed can be incredibly cathartic, we've found it also cathartic and powerful to have a family film screening once the process is finished. This may take place in the privacy of their home or in a venue. It may be something that happens as part of a family reunion or family meeting. We are interested in working with you, the family's trusted advisors, in creating the circumstances and conditions for a new kind of communication and connection within legacy families.

If you have more questions about how you might start a conversation with your clients about creating a Legacy Film or want to know more about the process, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're more than happy to talk with you about how to communicate this idea with your clients or how you might start to incorporate it into your own process.



To help your family reflect, become closer, and celebrate who you are through cinematic storytelling, creating a legacy beyond your wealth.


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"We feel that happy families don't just happen by accident or luck they are created just because people are related to each other doesn't mean that they have good relationships. Those bonds have to be forged though hours spent together in meaningful activities and traditions."

Kimberly L. Bytheway and Diane H. Loveridge,
authors of Traditions Creating Memories to
Draw Your Family Close