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In general, it takes about a year or more to complete a family documentary. We may be able to expedite this process depending on our workload. We only work with 1-2 families a year to make sure that you are receiving our utmost focus and attention and that we can tell your stories in the most authentic way.We really consider our work to be true documentary filmmaking, which means that it can take much longer than a year in some cases where that feels right. We work with you to determine your needs. And some projects are never finished. And by that, we mean that you may look at your Legacy Films as time capsules that you can add to and update as new events, family transitions or insights arise. If you are considering working with us because you have an upcoming milestone family or family business event, you should contact us sooner rather than later to ensure a spot in our calendar. We are often booked up to a year in advance.

Our Legacy Films are priced on a project-to-project basis. The cost of each film is determined by the time we spend on all four phases of the process. It can take us anywhere from 40-600+ hours to create one of our customized films. We do our best to ensure that you are able to create the film you want that works with your budget. Since pricing is so project-specific, we conduct a free, no obligation consultation over the phone. Then we send you a bid in order to give you the most accurate estimate for your project.

Like any good documentary film you might have seen about history, we bring your history to life using the same storytelling techniques you have come to expect from your favorite HBO, PBS or History Channel movies. We specialize in bringing the past back to life through our work. And what better way is there to get the youngest generations of your family engaged in history than by teaching them about their own history through a Legacy Film?

As part of your project, we will help you find a professional photo and home movie organizer in your local area to help you digitize your family archives as well as pick the best of them to include in your Legacy Films. They help you organize, digitize, and make some choices, and then we pick what ultimately belongs in your family films. We make it easy for you while at the same time making sure that photos and home movies that haven't been looked at in years become part of a family legacy project that will be enjoyed for generations.

Most people are somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of being filmed. Even Arielle, a trained actress, has to get over her butterflies when the camera is turned on her. We have several solutions that put people at ease, but probably the most important one is that we use single-person crews. This means that when you are being interviewed, the person interviewing you is also working the camera. It will be just the two of you in the room, so it feels a bit less like you're on display. We also are experts in creating a safe space for our interview subjects. Step 1 in creating a safe space is that we prefer to interview people in the comfort of their own homes. We've found over the 10 years we've been doing this that even our most reluctant interview subjects have warmed up and felt comfortable enough to be themselves on camera within just the few few minutes of the interview. For those who really don't want to be on camera, voice-only interviews are another option. Although this is certainly a last resort, as there's nothing like the power of someone's voice when combined with their expressions, body language, and eye contact.

We do not do it in house, but we work with expert genealogists across the country and the world should you desire a referral.

We frequently speak and offer workshops on a variety of topics. Please sign up for our mailing list to receive information about our current local and virtual classes and teleconferences. You can also access recordings of past teleconferences via this website.

Legacy Connections Films has offices on the North Shore of Chicago and on Colorado's front range. Please contact us first to determine the best location to send your materials.

Although Legacy Connections Films is a small company, we are committed to providing services to charities and non-profits whenever we can. If you operate a non-profit or are planning an upcoming charity event, we might be interested in contributing! Please contact us with the details. Groups we have supported include:

Facets Multimedia
The Boulder Philharmonic
Runaway Switchboard
Central Elementary School
Northfield Park District
Wilmette Library
Piven Theatre Workshop
Library of Congress: Veterans History Project

Please find our information under Contact, and we would be happy to discuss any questions you have in further detail.



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