Custom Family Heirlooms

Imagine if you could capture all of the stories that make your family unique in a professionally produced film that could be cherished for decades. Go beyond photos, genealogy, and the family tree and keep that treasured family history alive with a Legacy Connections film.

My Life

Walk us through a typical day in your life with a My Life Legacy film. All the footage is edited together using your interviews with photographs, home movies, and music creating an unforgettable video biography which you can enjoy sharing with you family now and future generations will treasure after you're gone.

Words of Wisdom from an Old Lady

When Arielle Nobile founded LCF in 2005, her first two subjects were her very own grandmothers. Lenore, Arielle's maternal grandmother, leads a very full life in South Palm Beach, FL. In this clip from her Legacy Film, Lenore shares some wisdom about life as we follow a very active day in her life.

Story of Us

A Story of Us Legacy video is a beautiful way to celebrate a successful union. Reminisce with your significant other about how you met, why you fell in love, and what make your life together so special.

Picking an Allan

The Muchins, an accomplished couple in their 70s, wanted to leave a legacy that would do more than gather dust on a book shelf. We began working with them in the spring of 2012 and interviewed them over the course of a year. Here is a quick peak into the lives of some of Chicago's most important residents who are really making a difference.

Tribute Legacy

Surprise your loved ones with a Tribute Legacy film; a priceless way to honor your family members or close friends. Perfect for screening at a family reunion, anniversary, or birthday party.

A Tribute to Victor

Larry Grimm's father, Victor, a successful lawyer and beloved husband and father, was turning 70. Larry wanted to surprise him with a very special gift, a surprise biography video. Victor's own son, Matt, wrote the music score for the film.

Our Family History

Create a sense of belonging and connection as you learn more about your family history and share it with future generations. A Family History Legacy film doesn't just bring your own family’s history to life, but puts world history into the context of your family’s experiences.

Wiklanski Family History

Mark Balasa had been trying for years to gather family photos and stories from his 60+ cousins all across the country. He wanted to be sure that his sons and future generations of his family know about and appreciate the struggles that their ancestors endured so they could have the comfortable lives they enjoy today. We helped him see his vision become a reality.

Memorial Legacy

A Memorial Legacy movie is about your loved ones who have passed away. Your relatives and those closest to the video biography’s subject share stories and fond memories which are edited together with home movies, photographs, and music to create a narrative of their lives and reflect how much they meant to you.

Al Ace and His Orchestra

Al Ace and his orchestra were a popular Chicagoland band in their day. Al Acierno's nephew, Mike Foltz, wanted to pay tribute to his parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

With careful attention to detail and inclusion of your photos, home movies and more, we make the project personal to you. If your ancestors could speak to you today, what stories would they tell? What wisdom would they share?

Tell us your stories and we’ll bring your family legacy to life.

A story is like a star; it is born in the past, illuminates the present, and will shine in the future. - J.R. Carroll

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